Solution to Kashmir may lie in reversal of ethnic cleaning of Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) through repeal of Article 370 and 35A in India 

When Hindu minorities were killed and raped with State organized terror and threats incited by a would be Islamic nuclear power, the seeds of massacre in South Asia was put in the ground in 1990s. The effect of this massacre may not spare the world if and when two nuclear powers blast their 270+ nuclear war heads on each other.

It happened in 1990. When the world was busy dealing with ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) and Bosnian Croats in Europe, something sinister happened in South Asia which the super powers ignored in the early years of post cold war era.

Jammu and Kashmir has Hindu king with majority muslim population for hundreds of years. Jammu and Kashmir enjoys a special status that does not allow other Indians to settle in Kashmir.

In 1947 at the time when Jammu and Kasmir becoming a part of India, four million people lived in Jammu and Kashmir. The population map looked as follows: 76.4% were Muslim, 20.1% were Hindu, and 3.49% Other, mostly Sikh and Buddhist.

The census of 2011 show 68.3% of the population as Muslims, while 28.4% are Hindus and others 3.3% (Buddhists and Sikhs). When you compare the population growth you may find surprisingly overall in Jammu and Kashmir percentage of Hindus increased and percentage of Muslims decreased. The truth of the real problem lies in Kashmir valley.

Jammu and Kashmir consists of three distinct parts – Muslim majority Kashmir valley, Buddhist majority North East Kashmir, and Hindu majority Jammu. The Hindu Kashmiris in Kashmir valley were driven out from their home by the Muslims in 1990s through systematic threats, killings, and rapes. That is why today 98% of the population in Kashmir valley are Muslims. The Hindu majority never drove the Muslims out from Jammu. The population in Jammu prospered and grew healthily.

So the fact is that in Kashmir valley practically no Hindus are left and in Jammu (Hindu majority) population grew and prospered. This increased the overall percentage of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir.

Interestingly, an unofficial poll was conducted by Sunday Hindustan Times newspaper in 2010. 66% of the poll participants in Kashmir valley wanted a new nation. 6% of the respondents in Kashmir valley wanted to merge with Pakistan. In Jammu and north east Kashmir 78% of the respondents wanted to merge with India.

Now the picture is clear, ethnic cleansing was a master stroke from the Pakistan sympathizers to claim the Kashmir the valley in its entirety. If you look at the map of Jammu and Kashmir with a population distribution by religion, Kasmir valley can be easily added to the part Pakistan occupies.

So it was a calculated move to drive the Hindus out from the Kashmir valley. If India is drawn into a discussion regarding any permanent solution of Jammu Kashmir, it will be negotiated to have the Kashmir valley as a province of Pakistan with autonomy like North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

When ethnic cleansing of this nature is performed by a state actor (Pakistan), the majority in the area loses its legitimate right to call the fate of its own region. The massacred Kashmir valley Hindu Pundits lost their homes, dignity and many cases their lives and honor of their women. They still struggle in India as refugees with little hope in the future.

That is why there are 700,000 Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir. Interestingly it is the same number of soldiers America had in Vietnam war. There is no way India will forget the ethnic cleansing done of Hindu minority of the Kashmir Valley.

There are several regions in India where there is Muslim majority like some region in West Bengal near Bangladesh border. So it is nothing special that a regions has more Muslims than Hindus in India. The whole matter became a mess because of the Hindu ethnic cleansing in Kashmir valley.

What is solution then? Every Kashmiri whether Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist has one dream – to live a prosperous life with dignity and prosperity. That can never be achieved because of the scandalous ethnic cleansing and continuous terror attack due to provocations from Pakistan in the name of self determination and Jihad. Retaliation and high handedness from Indian authority are expected although put in thorough check from New Delhias much as possible.

The only way to bring Jammu and kashmir into the path of prosperity and remove the scandal of ethic cleansing is to remove the special status of Kashmir. The Kashmiri Hindus will never forget the horror they faced from their Muslim brothers in 1990s. But there may be some other Indians (Hindus and Muslims) who can migrate to Jammu and Kashmir and settle. That will be the most fair way to compensate for the ethnic cleaning of Hindus in Kashmir valley.

This will put to rest a grave injustice and sin of the last century on humanity that happened in Kashmir valley. As Kashmir is integrated with technology driven modern world instead of looking at a failed economy of Pakistan in the name of Jihad, people will slowly forget the scar of ethnic cleansing that remain unpunished till today.

Solution to Kashmir may lie in reversal of ethnic cleaning of Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) through repeal of Article 370 and 35A in India.



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