Political impact of Kalashnikov AK-103/203 made at Amethi 

BJP showed its bug guns on Congress party by announcing the gun project in the deep territory of the main opposition party.

Political impact of Kalashnikov AK-103/203 made at Amethi is mixed. The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) facility is already there in Amethi for some time established by the Congress leaders when in power. Manufacturing 750,000 assault rifle will need some additional work force. It will make the Amethians proud of their heritage and history. It will bring some new jobs. Will it help Smrithi Irani defeat Rahul Gandhi in Amethi?

According to sources from Uttar Pradesh (UP), the largest state in India, people in the Amethi constituency is quite happy with the importance BJP has given to them in the last five years, They have deep rooted allegiance to Indira Gandhi and family. Can that defend the fort of Congress President? A defeat in Amethi will be devastating for Rahul Gandhi and that is exactly what BJP wants by any means.

Local polls conducted have varied responses. One thing is for certain Rahul Gandhi will have stiff competition this time. There is 45% to 50% chance Gandhi may lose the seat. SP-BSP coalition will not contest there. That keeps caste politics out. Even if Gandhi has clean sweep at the Muslim votes, it may be difficult this time in Amethi.

BJP also has a difficult time this time in UP in general. They will have to make sure no irregularities happen on polling day in favor of the traditional party in Amethi.



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