Hilarious Fake New from Pakistan Military:Pakistan media claims Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian Air Force Planes and captured two Indian Pilots

Hilarious Fake New from Pakistan Military: According to Pakistan Media (Dawn and The Nation) the Pakistan Military spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Pakistan Air Force retaliated in Indian side of Line of Control. After that Indian Air Force jets crossed Pakistan side of Line of Control. At that point two of the Indian planes were shot down over LOC. One of the planes fell on Pakistan occupied Kashmir and two Indian pilots were captured by Pakistan and the other plane fell on the India (Jammu and Kashmir). According signal intelligence these claims from Pakistan can be made up as the only plane that went down was an MI 17 choppers due to mechanical failures in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu, Srinagar, and Lei Airports were closed to civilian traffic. Indian Air Force has mentioned that Pakistan Air Force violated Indian Air Space and was repelled back. Pakistani jets bombed Indian Army pots along the Line of Control. However these bombs were dropped in field and forest which created some craters only. No one was injured and nothing was hit.

According to some sources in Pakistan, an information war fare has been started at the insistence PM Khan to show somehow Pakistan is winning a war against India



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