India vigilant as Pakistan summons emergency meeting at Foreign Office to decide action on Indian Air Force LOC violation 

India is now vigilant in the air, land, sea, and nuke sites against Pakistani retaliation. Pakistan seems like trying to avoid any head to head confrontation with India. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Tuesday called an emergency meeting. According Radio Pakistan, the meeting is being held at the foreign office in Islamabad to decide on diplomatic retaliation on Indian Air Force’s (IAF) violation of the Line of Control. Senior Pakistani ambassadors and former secretaries are discussing the situation and possible retaliatory actions.

Qureshi warned India not to test the resolve of Pakistan Armed Forces. According to Radio Pakistan the Foreign Minister of Pakistan called for better sense to prevail in Indian Capital New Delhi.

The approach Pakistan will take is two prongs. On one side they plan to wage an information campaign that no damage has been caused by Indian Air Force action across the Line of Control (LOC) and at the same time engage world community on Indian violation of LOC.


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