Ayodhya mediation may work this time in spite of little hope from either side

Mediation results are factors of the external and internal environments in which these meditations take place. Irf you observe US President Donald Trump, he weakens the other side as much as possible from outside while negotiations take place. It is a great business strategy that works well many times.

The current mood of the country is very different since the terror attack of Phulwama. Although Islamic Sunni Waqf Board is in principle are against any serious negotiation on the issue, this tiome they may be eager to have a face saving exit from this delicate issue.

Many times before negotiations stalled as Islamic Sunni Waqf Board was not interested in diluting their rights in the matter. Two things are different this time. First is the mood of the aam janaata (common people of India). People are active in patriotism and supporting Mother India. Second is the upcoming Indian Parliament election. The combination of these factors can be dangerous for Islamic Sunni Waqf Board’s decision not to negotiate. If they take take the same old stance on the issue, they will alienate Hindu majority to the extent BJP may get a huge number of seats in the Parliament. This will automatically allow BJP to create a new bill and build temples in many disputed sites. On the other hand if they settle the matter quickly, it may not become a heart burn issues for the majority of the country. The votes may be divided as usual in terms of cast, religion,incumbency, and so on. That will provide BJP no help in the election.

The question now is: What will Islamic Sunni Waqf Board settle for? That is where the problem will start. They may demand that they will accept this one to move their mosque but it has to come with a guarantee from the Indian Supreme Court that no other disputed sites will have the same fate. Even a bigger problem is that no one knows if anyone in India can provide such a guarantee.



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