Pakistan PM Khan focuses on economic growth as GDP slows down to projected 4.3% – how will India react?

In a meeting with delegation of business community leaders, Pakistan PM Imran Khan said his Government stabilized the economy in the last six month. Now the Government will focus on economic growth. One of the biggest problem in Pakistan is the segment of the economy that is undocumented. Government wants to implement a comprehensive plan to encourage non-tax payers and informal sectors to join the documented main stream economy.

What is the probable India’s reaction? India has restricted the water resource to Pakistan while staying within the realm of the water treaty between the two nation. In addition on the trade front India has taken the most favored nation status of Pakistan away.

However, after the recent thaw in the hostility between the two South Asian nuclear powers, a back door diplomacy is happening at a brisk pace at the encouragement of many countries and their leaders.

India is going to have a general election around April-May. After that a new Government of BJP or the opposition can start a new Pakistan outlook. If India can come up with a plan to help Pakistan create jobs, pay off the Chinese debt, and keep the status quo happy, PM Khan will have some interest. Everything will depend on how India presents it. Pakistan cannot even think about India as a big brother at this time. So it will depend what India can do and how it presents it.


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