Can Imran Khan lead from behind and repeat 1992 for Pakistan

India will face of Pakistan in Cricket World Cup on 16 June at Old Trafford. Among all the South Asian confrontations, the consensus now from India Government is that India will not Boycott the game.

Some Pakistanis claim that PM Imran Khan released the Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan to facilitate the upcoming cricket game and downgrade the tension between two nuclear powers.

The big question will India be able to win the game as the Kholi-Dhoni duo is the favorite in the game?

Wahab Riaz of Pakistan will counter Bumrah of India. Waahab, Sayeed, and Amir will spear ahead world class fast bowling against Kholi-Dhoni and company, world best set of batsmen. As usual, it will be Pakistan bowling versus Indian batting.

A lot of stake lies for the newly elected Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan. He will rally his team to make a repeat of 1992 when under his leadership Pakistan took the world cup title.

Here is the world cup final in 1992 Pakistan versus England where Imran and company outplayed the rest of the teams. In the middle of all war tensions at this time who will take the world Cup India or Pakistan? India is a better team but Pakistan will be led from behind by Imran again.



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