Based on GDP data India’s economy did better under Modi but there are some dark clouds 

Based on GDP data India’s economy did better under Modi but there are some dark clouds.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the third largest economy grew at a robust pace of 6.6% through December 2018. The biggest negative perception in the main streets of India is that there are lack of jobs. While the private sector has been sluggish in creating new jobs, Government has actually reduced the recruitment rate. The other problem is with farmers in India. Framers have faced difficulty in finding fair markets for their products. The demonetization is also a nightmare for many middle class Indians. While it was great means of reducing overt corruption, it was ill managed. People of India also complain about GST tax and its complexities.

However, even with all these, the “acche din” (“good days”) index may be far higher than the UPA Government under then PM Dr. Manmohan Singh.

The million dollar question is if the state of Indian economy help the ruling party BJP. The consensus is mixed on this. According to BJP leader and well known Harvard Economist Subramanium Swamy, economy does not always help in winning election. It is the overall perception of the state of the country and scare of alternatives that makes a difference.


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