Faulty sensors inadequate pilot awareness – Boeing 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines nose dives six ninutes after take

It was a brand new exactly four month old Boeing 737 Max 8 delivered to Ethiopian Airlines. Boeing delivered it in its Seattle facility and Ethiopian Airlines pilots came to Seattle and took the delivery and flew the wonder bird back to home.

The plane has crashed has on its way to Nairobi, Kenya, with 8 crew members and carrying 149 passengers on its way to Kenyan capital Nairobi. Ethiopian Airlines flight #ET302 suddenly disappeared from the radar 6 minutes after take off.

The Boeing model is plagued with flight related problems for sometime. In late October last year, a similar Lion Air 737 Max 8 carrying 189 people disappeared from radar after 13 minutes of takeoff.

A faulty flight monitoring system , according to a Bloomberg report, causes sudden nose dive in this model. In addition there are pilot awareness issues. The Pilot unions have pointed out that the 737 MAX 8 aircraft manuals are faulty because of failure to explain certain safety features.

Boeing 737 Max 8 is a very advanced and high technology aircraft. It needs proper airline crew training, awareness, and experience with modern digital avionics. Boeing in last November issued a safety update that a fault in a senor can cause the aircraft model to nose dive suddenly. properly explain a safety feature on the 737 MAX 8 aircraft in their manuals



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