Yes google are evil!

Yes google are evil and should not be used if you want to save small businesses.

If you are a small business trying to make ends meet online then Google are your worst enemies. The evil employees of Google working away in their cosy, rich and luxury HQ over in California are working tirelessly to wreck peoples businesses and shift them over to adwords. Recently Google has been wrecking havoc across the online world manually penalizing (this means that someone over at Google looks at your site and more or less presses a button to nuke it off the search results destroying your business online).

This is all in a effort to push small business to adwords and it is working but again for small business this is causing ROI from adwords to be unsustainable and appalling… adwords is dead and the serps have been manipulated so much by google it so ironic! At the end of the day google is

Google seems to be on a mad mad onslaught against SEOs at the moment (lead by the fat nerd matt cutts who wishes to break their spirits)… because of this obsession against seos google is focusing on real dangerous sites lurking around in the search results selling illegal drugs and counterfeit stuff.

Bing search results are a lot better and compared to googles at the moment hands down beat them.

As for adwords that thing is so unprofitable now your better off going for more conventional real advertisement than expensive text links

I wonder if people will still “google” it if they know that what they are seeing on the results isn’t the full picture and things are in fact missing… It is human nature to want to have all the results and nothing hidden from you so you can make up your own mind and find exactly what you are looking for and not what google thinks you want or rather google wants you to see, surely getting that message across to people will help destroy Google’s monopoly?

I just hope that either people realize all of this and stop using this money grabbing evil search engine or the government intervenes and stops Google from destroying the online economy all together!



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