Army controlled shadow governments control elected Prime Ministers in Thailand and Pakistan 

Pakistan military got Imran Khan elected as Prime Mister. Pakistan military establishment needs an obedient civilian front face to cover the act deep state. Same thing is happening in Thailand.

It is a new phenomenon in South Asia and South East Asia. In older days military take over in a coup was the norm. Now-a-days because of UN, IS, and Western economic sanction possibilities, the military leaders do not want come forward. They like to control a civilian government from behind the curtain. It has happened in Pakistan. It is happening in Thailand.

According to Voice of America, in Thailand rules written by the military junta acting as the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) wants to ensure the junta’s continued power after the elections. They have created legal hurdles for anti-military groups to challenge the wishes and agenda of the military.

In Pakistan everything is controlled by its deep state elements like Pakistani spy agency ISI and the military. The media, tv. local and federal governments have to take permission for any independent actions.


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