Women uprise against Pakistani Police 

Assaulting women is common practice by Pakistani Police and law enforcement personnel. The law enforcers suffer a massive trust deficit among the common Pakistani citizens specially women of Pakistan.

Video went viral on Pakistan police beating up women reporters and firing in the sky to put down freedom of press specially when the reporter is a woman. Recently, several policemen in Karachi was dismissed from service after a video went viral showing how they assaulted a woman and harassed the couple. The Policemen asked money from couple and tried to do moral policing on couple. Then they started mishandling the woman physically.

Most of these Pakistani policemen are uneducated and do not have much regard to women. Things are changing in Pakistan. Shaista Bukhari is the president of Women’s Rights Association in Pakistan. The association promotes equal rights for women in Pakistani society. In today’s context Pakistani women are rising up to challenge the male dominated culture of Pakistan. A very well know Pakistani dancer Sheema Kermani leads the #MeToo movement in Pakistan. These groups are resisting sexual harassment and assaults of Pakistani women specially from the policemen.


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