Using gravity waves to artificially project a spacecraft in 3D – the ultimate military weapon from reverse engineering advanced extraterrestrial technologies 

Very advanced extraterrestrial UFOs use gravity waves to project a 3D presence of a space module while keeping the actual spacecraft in a different dimension. The extraterrestrial UFOs from Type IV civilizations are not real. The concept is that a real 3D replica is projected that is a visible to our eyes and can perform like a 3D object. It is the ultimate weapon of choice for any Air Force in the world

Imagine a military fighter jet that can combat the enemy positions but the enemy finds that the plane does not exist when encountered with a surface to air or other missiles. It is not a remote controlled plane. It is just a projection of the plane in 3D form a higher dimension.

Scientists in many parts of the world are trying to reverse engineer these spacecrafts and air borne modules. Use of gravity waves is the focus. The gravity waves allows particle to exist in a higher dimension while a projection is created in the 3-D.


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