US China trade talk stalls and may go nowhere soon 

China has rejected US demand of keeping punitive tariff intact till there is verifiable signs that China has taken corrective actions to satisfy agreed US demands and requirements.

China right from beginning was playing a time-buying and diversion technique where they can promise Trump Administration of real action and then do nothing over time. Unfortunately Vhina and North Korea is not understanding Trump. He is a business man. In business people do not trust, they project and take risk. When the risk component is too high, cannot be mitigated, and cannot be transferred, business shy away from probable losses. Thats the smart acumen of a smart business.

There is little chance of any trade deal between US and China this year or next year. The grain markets are showing enough signs for little hope. Crude market may stall and pull back as dollar rises in the rest of the year.

As US-China trade talks go no where, Trump will put more pressure on China covertly to make them understand they cannot fool this administration


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