Telepahy with an extraterrestrial being in a remote galaxy of the universe – 

Hitler’s Nazi Germany was developing all kind of advanced weapons in 1940s. Many of these scientists were hired by the Americans in NASA’s adventurous Apollo program to reach the moon before end of 1969.

Some of these former Nazi scientists when asked how did they got to the point of harnessing zero point energy in addition to UFO or Bell projects in 1940s, they mentioned, “We had help!”

Hermits and priests in Hindu and other religion have healing power as well as power to see the future through meditation. Nazis, in 1930s, some claim used telepathy to connect to extraterrestrial beings through telepathy to receive the necessary help. They were inspired by Hindu Sanskrit literature.

Is it possible to connect to extraterrestrial beings from another galaxy or universe through telepathy? In a movie KPax, it is shown how in a distressful situation telepathy can help. Telepathy has some logic from neuroscience. The dimensions of neuron firing and neuro-plasticity shows that telepathy is possible. According to anvient Hindu Sanskrit literature, common people can ask for help from super beings and the help does arrive if asked with full concentration or devotion through meditation.



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