Space Travel to Mars through an intergalactic wormhole

The red planet was alive one time, scientists say. According to Hindu mythology Mars was very close to earth and it took few minutes for Mars travel.

What is the trick to travel to Mars fast and easy without a massive SpaceX rocket.

The answer may lie in a remote corner of Bangalore, India where scientists are working on space travel using worm holes. the exotic technology was also harnessed by Nazi scientists in early forties.

Nazis found out that the secret to space travel and harnessing zero point energy is through telepathy and meditation. In India, Chinese administered Aksai chin and Tibet the same concept allow spiritual beings float in air, converse with alien beings of Type Two Civilization and more.

The manipulation of space time mesh can bring Mars next to us and we can just walk in there. The concept can be difficult to conceive but possible according to Sanskrit Vedic Science. Nazis got the idea from ancient Sanskrit literature.


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