Inflated Chinese growth needs CPEC which can be hit by terror outfits in Pakistan 

China faces severe slowdown. Econometric researchers in Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Chicago found China may have reported the GDP growth by an average of almost 2% per year. Now China faces trade sanctions from US and other countries, Tech suspicion of espionage through civilian access, and over all negative perception about the country in many parts of the world.

China took the right step for its own economy in creating the CPEC project with Pakistan. What they never realized is the huge levels of inefficiency and corruption in Pakistan and a stubborn India that cannot be moved to join the one belt one road initiative.

Any time terror and militancy is encouraged, there is a possibility that it may come back and bite. Direction of Militancy changes quickly. That is what happened in Afghanistan, Middle East, Africa, and Central America.

Now the biggest fear of Chinese Government is a Pakistani militancy against China in CPEC regions. It can be devastating for future Chinese economic strength and world super power projections.


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