India and Israel working on an anti-missile shield that can make Pakistani nukes ineffective

It is a secret project with far reaching effects in the subcontinent. Israel’s Iron Dome concept is being extended to India that will eventually protect Indian military installations and large cities from incoming missiles from Pakistan or China.

Pakistani news media reported today the Israel’s role in the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan. According to Pakistan newspaper Dawn, the overt collaboration between India and Israel extend to air defense, radar systems and ammunition, including air-to-ground missiles. There is an additional dimension to India Israel collaboration. China, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia are concerned about it.

The Indian Iron Dome will have four layers of shields. Russian S-400 air defense system will sit above that. The S-400 will be used as a n additional shield and not part of the four layer Indian Iron dome. Indian Air Defense is being built seek and destroy Chinese fifth generation strike air crafts and drones that China and Pakistan may use.



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