How India infiltrated the Jaish-e-Mohammed – Pakistan’s biggest problem 

For quite some time Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have used Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) for a proxy war against India. Something changed in 2014 when BJP came into power in India and a shrewd ex-spy of India Ajit Doval was chosen as the new National Security Advisor (NSA) of India.

Doval, the current NSA of India,considered as James Bond of India, operated as an undercover agent in Pakistan for almost seven years. All in Pakistan knew him as a loyal Pakistani Muslim in Lahore.

Please note India’s main spy agencies such as Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) report to Doval who made Pakistan home and posed as double agent in Pakistan. He is conversant not only on Pakistan but how Pakistan spy network Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and security forces work. He has deep reach into ISI, terror networks as JeM, and Pakistan Military.

Before 2014 India focused on infiltrating into Pakistan’s military for the last fifty years. People like Ravinder Kaushik of RAW worked as a Pakistani Army Major for more than 26 years. He lived, married, and raised a family in Pakistan. He had a fictitious name of Major Nabi Ahmad Shakir. In India among defense and intelligence community he was known as “Black Tiger.” Eventually he was arrested by Pakistan’s ISI when another RAW agent Inyat Masiha was caught and revealed Ravinder Kaushik’s true identity.

When Indian PM Narendra Modi came into power, a paradigm shift took place in the mindset of Indian politicians and intelligence officials. They understood with a nuclear deterrence Pakistan will never wage a conventional war against India. However, they are using terror outfits with Jihadi ideology like JeM for causing many small wounds to India.

Since 2014 India infiltrated JeM, ISI, and other Jihadi units who were busy in creating terror havoc in India. The infiltration was led by guidance from people like Doval and other RAW agents who lived a chunk of their life in Pakistan with deep connections to Pakistan Military, Government, ISI, and terror outfits as JeM and LeT.

JeM and ISI now is full of double agents who pose as loyal Pakistanis providing information from India. The extend of this penetration of India has been recently felt during the Indian Air Force strike in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province deep inside Pakistan. India knew the whereabouts of each major JeM leaders. They could program the spice bombs accurately. As these terrorists were moved from terror launching pads to safe heavens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, India had detailed knowledge of each and every move. That is why they could launch the precision air strike with pin pointed accuracy minimizing collateral losses. There is a strong possibility that at least some in the senior leaderships in JeM and other terror outfits including ISI itself are doable agents that report to RAW. It is becoming clear in the last few days as Pakistan is dismantling these terror units in a massive scale with pressure from international community. Pakistan perhaps have understood the trick Doval and his boss Modi did to Pakistan since 2014.



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