Anxiety disorder spike in Generation Z caused by Smart Phones and Social Media Networking sites 

Can this lead to serious social problems? Anxiety disorders among millennial population have jumped to 31% among in adolescents.

According to an article in Voice of America written by Dora Mekouar, statistical figures point to mental health epidemic in generation Z. This epidemic is not restricted to US or Europe. It is increasing even at faster rate in South Asia and other developing countries that have embraced smart phone technology and free social media networks.

This mental health epidemic eventually has led to depression and suicide. According to a World health Organization (WHO) report 63,000 suicides are accounted for in Americas. As a percentage of population, this epidemic is much higher in China and India where cheap smart phones and free social networking sites have proliferated the society.

According to Chinadaily, 100 million in China suffer from depression. A staggering 250 million in China need psychological services to cope up with daily life.

According to studies performed by WHO, population in India, China, US, and Brazil suffer the most from anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. These are also the countries where Smart Phones and Social Networking Sites are used most without understanding the long term consequences.


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