An extraterrestrial connection between genetic evolution and virtual particles in empty space called Ether 

An empty space looks empty because we are not fast enough to see the virtual particles that pop up and disappear in a minuscule amount of time. The genetic evolution as we know is random and is based on survival of fittest. Mathematically predicting the probabilities of genotypes and phenotypes is possible based on Mendel’s studies. But Mendelian genetics cannot explain or predict all the genetic observations and variations.

Virtual particles popping in an out in an empty space is probabilistic based on our current knowledge of quantum mechanics and special relativity. However computer simulations based on energy momentum models show probable geometric curvatures within the empty space between the quarks of protons. Just like space-time curvature in mesh of gravity, these infinitesimal time encapsulated virtual particles create probabilistic curvatures that can generate futuristic genetic variations in DNA of future species. When we analyze DNA recombination and genetic evolution, it becomes clear that the future evolution is to some extent deterministic than stochastic. The deterministic component is guided by the curvature caused by the infinitesimal time encapsulated virtual particles.

An extraterrestrial civilization capable of harnessing zero point energy is capable of programming the curvature caused vy infinitesimal time encapsulated virtual particles in infinite empty space. That can provide deterministic per-programmed genetic evolution


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