737 Max 8 problem: airspeed problem overwhelms plane’s auto pilot system – pilot experience should have overridden autopilo

What happens in 737 Max 8 is a typical problem of sophisticated automation and self-controlling robots. The fact is the AI is dependent on the sensor sensitiveness. The sensors run on the basis of recognizing a condition versus another.

Pilots in US have reported that after take off 737 Max 8 in some occasions have nose dived. The pilots were surprised. Their experience and training did overwrite the automation feature. They unplugged the auto-pilot mode. The situation was corrected automatically and nothing adverse happened.

If an when a person drives a self-driving car, it is imperative that given the state of crude automation state of technology at this time, we are vigilant to see and feel what the car is doing. These automation are based on machine learning technology and in tough situations making the correct decision is dependent on reinforced knowledge. What that means if the prediction is off and we can see that, we need to quickly take corrective action and make the situation right. We humans have supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced knowledge based learning and adaptation capabilities. Where machine still lag behind humans is in recognizing obvious mistakes and taking quick corrective action to avoid a problem. We as humans do it all the time.


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