Indian tech job applicants lack skill sets for available high tech jobs due to low quality university education

According IBM Chief Ginny Rometty,there are plenty of jobs but Indian tech job applicants lack skill sets to fulfill them.

Poor university level education are root cause of high unemployment among Indian tech job applicants. India produces a lot of engineers but of them are low quality because of lack of proper education at the Indian universities. In this high tech world, general education (fine arts and traditional humanities) are getting blended with hig tech knowledge-base. Indian techies are good at coding but cannot generate revenue generating applications that can be marketed as commercial of the shelf software products. Even in technology field, the fast moving nature of the required tech skills have made Indian universities and tech colleges obsolete.

There are plenty of jobs for the right educated tech person. However, a person with 1990’s or early 2000’s tech knowledge will find difficulty in finding jobs.

Some Indian tech engineers try to come to mediocre US universities offering make shift pseudo tech programs. Indian tech graduates enter into these programs with a hefty loan and then graduate with little high tech skills. This is another problem.



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